Welcome to Basic Engineering, a highly qualified and experienced company.

Basic Engineering began in 2004 and like others in the business outsourced the majority of the work.  Within a short period, Basic Engineering began doing most of the fabrication itself and the modern Basic Engineering was born.

Basic Engineering was created to go out and find special process units and /or refineries to fulfill our clients need.  To accomplish this, Basic Engineering sends out a team of highly skilled engineers to locate equipment and / or refineries that can be refurbished to fulfill our customer's needs.

Basic Engineering takes those contracts and assumes responsibility for the engineering and design of these plants.  It then gives Basic Equipment, a sister company, a contract to perform the physical work for any ASME welding and code work that needs to be done to begin refurbishment.

Basic Engineering maintains the same philosophy regardless the size of the job:  to provide satisfaction to customers worldwide in designing and building equipment for the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industries.

Basic Engineering uses state of the art pc-based applications, including AutoCAD and design software.  We perform all the design and engineering necessary to keep your project within specifications and within the time frame you require.

Basic Engineering can also offer 3D computer modeling of your project showing original equipment placement.

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      Cenco Refinery, California                     



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